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Preparing for ITIL Foundation Certification Exam

What is ITIL?

The ITIL abbreviation stands for IT Infrastructure Library. Originally developed by Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), ITIL is a set of comprehensive and inter-related codes of practice. In IT community such code of good practice is very useful in terms of achieving the efficient support and delivery of high quality, cost effective IT services.

Who offers ITIL certification?

ITIL is accredited by BCS Professional Certification (formerly ISEB), BCS is a London-based organization that "collaborates with government, industry and relevant bodies to establish good working practices, codes of conduct, skills frameworks and common standards. It also offers a range of consultancy services to employers to help them adopt best practice, The Chartered Institute for IT champions the global IT profession and the interests of individuals engaged in that profession for the benefit of all". For more information on the ITIL Foundation Certificate offered by BCS
Professional Certification, refer to

Aother organization which provides ITIL examination is EXIN ( ). The EXIN is an independent, Dutch-based IT examination provider.

What is the ITIL certification path?

In summary, below is the ITIL certification path:

1. Get the Foundation Certificate. The Foundation Certificate is the first level ITIL certification. The Foundation Certficate is a proof of understanding of the itil basis which includes most of itil terminology, terms, concepts and relationships between various ITIL processes.

2. Get the ITIL Practitioner Certificate. The Practitioner Certificate is the next level ITIL certification. It is basically the proof of the practical knowledge. Currently there are 3 different areas covered by practitioner certification. These are:

  • - Release and Control (ITIL Practitioner Release and Control Certification)
  • - Support and Restore (ITIL Practitioner Support and Restore Certification)
  • - Agree and Define (ITIL Practitioner Support and Restore Certification)

Each of the practitioner certifications is a pass to the manager's certificate.

3. Get the highest, 3rd level ITIL Service Manager certification. This certification proofs the highest skills including theory, practice, experience in ITIL but also communication, negotiation and presentation skills.

ITIL Foundation Certification

The ITIL foundation certification, also called "ITIL Service Management Foundation Certification", is a first step to start the career in ITIL. It is also a passport for the next certificates: practitioner and manager (master). Before preparation to the course it is good to know which certification company is going to be involved in the process. There are two main accredited companies which organize the preparation and exams: EXIN and BCS (formerly ISEB).

Depending on the exam company you select, more or less material is to be covered. To pass EXIN exam there's a need to take a look at Security Management module of the ITIL Foundation. This is the only difference between EXIN and BCS (formerly ISEB) exams.

The remaining but common things in exams offered by both companies are:

  • Multiple choice exam (only one answer in a question is correct)
  • The exam takes exactly 1 hour (60 minutes)
  • To pass the foundation exam 26 out of 40 points should be correct. There are always 40 questions on the exam.

EXIN and BCS (Formerly ISEB) ITIL certification is a pre-requisite for getting the practitioner and manager's certificates.

e2College offers a training course "Preparing for ITIL Foundation Certification Exam" to help you prepare for your ITIL certification exam. The course is taught by e2College instructors who hold current ITIL certifications and who are subject matter experts in IT operations and management.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to help students gain knowledge in the different domains of ITIL core body of knowledge and to prepare for the ITIL foundation certification exam.

Course Content

The training course "Preparing for ITIL Foundation Certification Exam" covers the following topics:

Course Format & Schedule

The training course "Preparing for ITIL Foundation Certification Exam" is offered as an online live class and you can log in at the scheduled times and join your instructor and classmates in an interactive virtual classroom. Classes meet two evenings a week for six weeks for a total of 12 sessions. The evening class time is usually between 7:30pm to 10:00pm local time (Specific class time may vary a little to accomodate attendees from different time zones).

Course Prerequisites

This course is intended for people with some full-time, part-time or co-op work experience in the IT industries.