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iPhone and iPad App Development - Advanced Level

e2College offers a training course "iPhone and iPad App Development - Advanced Level
" to help those with basic knowledge of developing iPhone/iPad apps but who want to enhance their skills in order to:

  • Programming with Objective-C categories, protocols and blocks
  • Persisting information with SQLite and Core Data
  • Finding a device location using Core Location
  • Displaying dynamic maps and annotating using Map Kit
  • Creating and displaying calendar events
  • Picking photos from the camera roll on iPhone and iPad

The course is taught by e2College instructors who are subject matter experts in Objective-C and iOS programming and mobile app development.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to help those with basic knowledge of developing iPhone/iPad apps to enhance their skills in iPhone and iPad app development.

Course Content

The training course "iPhone and iPad App Development - Advanced Level" covers the following topics:

Advanced iOS Development

  • Overview of Cocoa Touch frameworks
  • Adding frameworks to a project
  • Managing differences between devices

Advanced Objective-C

  • Extending a class with categories
  • Leveraging blocks to simplify code
  • Creating and implementing protocols
  • Sharing data using the singleton pattern
  • Modularizing code with delegates
  • Implementing effective Data Access Objects (DAOs)

SQLite and Core Data

  • Maintaining user preferences locally
  • Interacting with the Settings application
  • Preparing data structures for archiving
  • Saving and restoring user interface state
  • Conforming to the NSCoding protocol
  • Persisting data into SQLite
  • Inserting, updating and deleting records
  • Handling errors using NSError
  • Managing object graphs with Core Data

Location Service Implementation

  • Establishing device latitude and longitude
  • Implementing forward and reverse geocoding
  • Managing battery life
  • Dealing with restrictions and permissions
  • Displaying maps with Map Kit

Mobile Communication Services

  • Checking device capabilities
  • Retrieving contacts from the address book
  • Creating content using address book interfaces
  • Incorporating social media
  • Integrating standard calendar services
  • Scheduling and receiving notifications

Multimedia Implementation

  • Capturing images and video
  • Picking items from the camera roll
  • Extracting information from multimedia assets
  • Playing audio and video files
  • Handling media player notifications

Adapting Mobile Apps to iPad

  • Creating split-view applications
  • Incorporating iPad-specific modal views
  • Presenting content using popovers

Course Format & Schedule

The training course "iPhone and iPad App Development - Advanced Level" is offered as an online live class and you can log in at the scheduled times and join your instructor and classmates in an interactive virtual classroom. Classes meet two evenings a week for six weeks for a total of 12 sessions. The evening class time is usually between 7:30pm to 10:00pm local time (Specific class time may vary a little to accomodate attendees from different time zones).

Course Prerequisites

This course is intended for people with  previous iOS programming experience. People who want to take this course are encouraged to take the "iPhone and iPad App Development - Intermediate Level" course first.