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Android App Development

e2College offers a training course "Android App Development" to help you gain knowledge and hands-on experience in:

  • Create mobile apps on Android OS using activities, services, and intents
  • Design and create Android user interfaces that work with a range of phones and tablets
  • Store and retrieve data with content providers and SQLite database
  • Integrate Android applications with enterprise web and location-based services

The course is taught by e2College instructors who are subject matter experts in Android programming and mobile app development.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to help those with some programming experience in Java but are new to Android development and need to create professional mobile applications on the Android platform.

Course Content

The training course "Android App Development" covers the following topics:

Introduction of the Android Platform

  •  Setting up Android development environment
  •  Overview of Android components and architecture
  •  Creating activities to process user input
  •  Implementing views to build the User Interface (UI)
  •  Packaging applications for deployment
  •  Developing unit tests
  •  Performing background tasks with services
  •  Communicating with Intents

Creating Android User Interfaces

  •  Building the layout
  •  Connecting a view to an activity
  •  Positioning form elements
  •  Declaring component definitions and layouts
  •  Handling multiple screen resolutions
  •  Localizing applications

Processing User Input

  •  Creating and displaying Toast
  •  Generating status bar notifications
  •  Collecting confirmation with dialogs
  •  Responding to user input events
  •  Launching activities with intents
  •  Writing Java event handlers
  •  Generating context and option menus
  •  Integrating with the Android system
  •  Persisting data in response to notifications

Persisting Application Data

  •  Contrasting internal and external storage locations
  •  Saving application configuration with SharedPreferences
  •  Executing SQLite queries to locate information
  •  Specifying SQLite column selections with projections
  •  Acessing shared data resources
  •  Addressing content providers with URIs

Maintaining System Responsiveness

  •  Avoiding Application Not Responding (ANR) errors
  •  Unloading the UI thread
  •  Designing for asynchronous execution
  •  Building background services
  •  Launching IntentServices
  •  Declaring services in the manifest

Exchanging Data over the Internet

  •  Interacting with server-side applications
  •  Synchronizing Android devices with servers
  •  Socket communications
  •  Developing clients for web services
  •  Connecting to RESTful services
  •  Creating and parsing JSON

Enhancing the User Experience

  •  Developing for the Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich platforms
  •  Manipulating objects with drag and drop
  •  Optimizing applications for high screen resolution
  •  Combining fragments into a multipane UI
  •  Leveraging geolocation and mapping capabilities
  •  Plotting positions on Google maps
  •  Establishing location through GPS, Cell-ID and WiFi

Course Format & Schedule

The training course "Android App Development" is offered as an online live class and you can log in at the scheduled times and join your instructor and classmates in an interactive virtual classroom. Classes meet two evenings a week for six weeks for a total of 12 sessions. The evening class time is usually between 7:30pm to 10:00pm local time (Specific class time may vary a little to accomodate attendees from different time zones).

Course Prerequisites

This course is intended for people with some programming experience in Java but are new to Android development and need to create professional mobile applications.