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Created by info on 2017-11-21

How to make Chrome accept invalid SSL certificates?

When doing testing via a proxy or against a development envrionment, the server certificates are often not a completely valid certificate. To make Chrome accept such certficates, start chrome with the following parameter:

C:\Installs\GoogleChromePortable>GoogleChromePortable.exe --ignore-certificate-errors

Your chrome may be installed in a different folder.

How to export Firefox add-on from 1 Windows computer to another?

1. In Firefox address bar, type: about:support

2. Find "Extensions" in the opened page, and note down the ID of the add-on that you want to export.

3. Find "Profile Folder" in the opened page.

4. Click "Open Folder"

5. The folder on Windows is usually something like this: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\m3xjzpi2.default

6. Under the "extensions" folder, you will find all the xpi files for the add-ons installed on your firefox. The name of the xpi files are the ID of the add-on.

7. Copy the xpi file you want to export, and paste it to the "extensions" folder of the target firefox.

8. Restart the target firefox. You may be prompted to install the add-on, and restart again.

9. If the add-on icon does not appear in the pull-down menu, click "customize" to add it