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Impact on Testing from Testing Environment Change

Created by JeffD on 2013-04-14

Testing environment may change due to a new system. How does that impact testing? What are the methodology, approach, practices for managing the impacts on the testing environment and the test execution itself due to changes in the existing infrastructure by addition of new systems or services?

According to the CSTE, the testing environment is not just the physical environment of the software and data, servers, and LAN, etc. , but also the testing team environment including work practices and culture.

If there is a change in physical/logical environment, following testing techniques can be used:
  • Regression testing to test the robustness of earlier successfully tested code in old environment.
Example: If an application is connected to a downstream interface/ legacy system. And there is a change in the downstream interface; we should regression test the application with new downstream interface/ legacy system to ensure both application and downstream interface communicating as expected.
  • Risk based testing to test high priority test cases.
Risk based testing is used, if there is no automation done on regression test suite. And, regression test cases are in high number. 
  • Test the new code, if code also got changed as part of change in environment and/or service.