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Industry Standards W3C P3P Specification

The Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) enables websites to express their privacy practices in a standard xml format that can be retrieved automatically and interpreted easily by user agents like a browser. P3P user agents will then allow users to be informed of the privacy practices of the sites they visit (in both machine- and human-readable formats) and to automate decision-making based on these practices when appropriate. This way, the users do not need to read the privacy policies at every site they visit. They can just set up their privacy requirements at the browser level and the browser will automatically decide whether the user’s PII can or cannot be sent to the visited sites.

P3P 1.1 Specification as a Working Group Note was published in November 2006. It is the final P3P spec and there is no further improvement on the P3P spec as there was insufficient support from current Browser implementers for implementing P3P.

For more information on W3C P3P, refer to W3C P3P