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Created by Fernado007 on 2016-12-15

Clustering in Web Applications 

Use JBoss CLI to configure 2 session cache mode: repl (replicate session of current node to all other nodes) or dist (replicate session of current node to selected other nodes)

Enable Session Replication in Your Application by adding the <distributable/> element inside the <web-app> tag of your application's web.xml descriptor file. 

Modify the default replication behavior by configuring the <replication-config> element, which is a child element of the <jboss-web> element of your application's jboss-web.xmlfile. Typical changes include 

<replication-trigger>: will only the setAttribute operation trigger a replication?

<replication-granularity>: will replicate at session level or at session attribute level? (if set, only modified attributes since last session replication will be replicated)